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Senior Mental Health DfE Funding available!

The Department for Education announced they were releasing another £3 million worth of grants for Senior Mental Health Lead training. Schools and colleges in England (excluding independent schools) can apply for a £1200 grant to cover the cost of training and associated cover.

As a training provider for the National Network of Mental Health Leads, the body representing senior mental health leads and an approved provider of training the grant can be spent on.

We have arranged to put on the following training for you costing £800 of the £1200. We recommend booking onto the course and then applying for your grant (the link for the application form is on the automated booking confirmation). Money will be released in April by the DfE and so your setting will not need to pay the invoice for the training until then.

For middle leaders - the Advanced Mental Health Lead course is a 3-day course with a reflective portfolio aimed at helping middle leaders deepen their understanding of the role, embed their strategy and overcome barriers. The course portfolio is linked to a Level 4 qualification.

Training in Telford

10th February 2023, 6th March 2023 and 24th April 2023 - please click here to register


For senior leaders - the National Educational Leaders in Mental Health is a version of the approved Advanced Mental Health Lead course especially adapted for those who sit on senior leadership teams, such as heads or deputies. Participants attend three days of training, complete a reflective portfolio evidencing applying the training and gain a Level 4 qualification in Mental Health Aware Leadership.

Training in Telford

12th October 2022, 5th December 2022 and 20th January 2023 - please click here to register

Please follow the link and register on the course now. You will automatically be sent a confirmation email with the link to the DfE grant application form. You then apply for the grant and will be required to upload the invoice for your training in April. You are not required to pay for the training until April and the money will be returned to your setting by the DfE if you have the grant.

Questions about the grant process can often be answered on or the National Network can be contacted via